Tips Memasak Rawon Khas Indonesia

10/14/2015 07:32

Tips Memasak Rawon Khas Indonesia - Good morning ladies are always excited, how are you today ?. Create food and cooking delicious and healthy is a challenge everyday housewife, we always present to give inspirations latest menu for your recipe all. And today we bring Snapper Recipe Making dumplings that will accompany your relaxing time with the family.

Famous for its white shells containing phosphorus are good for the growth of bones and teeth, how when shells combined with tamarind vegetable ?, would be very much beneficial to health. Tamarind vegetables contain many nutrients in vegetables. Fiber content good for digestion and can reduce levels of fat in the body. And you can find all the goodness that the Asem Shellfish Vegetable Recipes Specials.

Dumplings, these Oriental delicacies, presented with the contents snapper meat and mushrooms, fried crisp and crunchy, the Snapper Recipe Rolled dumplings this. Cocolnya Serve with chili sauce, this dish fit for a snack in the afternoon tea. His skin was crispy and tasty contents, plus cocolan sweet chilli sauce, give a unique flavor that makes one bite is never enough. Here's the recipe for you.

To make the contents of dumplings, stir-fry the garlic until fragrant with oil, put mushroom, snapper and sprouts. Add scallions, soy sauce, pepper, salt. Cook until done, then chill. Take a piece of dumpling skin, spoon the contents of dumplings, then paste with egg white to form small pockets. Fried until dry and crisp. Set aside.
Sautéed red peppers and pickled onions until fragrant, add the chili sauce, sweet soy sauce, pepper powder, salt and water. Cook until boiling and remove from heat. Serve dumplings with sauce Sambal Snapper Rolled Cocolnya.